Discover Our Story: Unveiling Our Company's Journey

From our humble beginnings to becoming audiovisual innovators, explore the journey that defines QA Systems and our commitment to excellence.

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Over Three Decades of Excellence: Shaping Businesses with Exceptional Audiovisual Solutions

With over 30 years of industry mastery, QA Systems delivers superior audiovisual solutions, marked by excellence and customer-centric service, transforming businesses effectively and reliably.

Unmatched Dedication: Elevating Excellence Through Ongoing Team Investment

We're committed to setting new standards by investing in our team's ongoing education and certifications. Witness our dedication to excellence through our technicians' continuous growth, ensuring top-tier expertise in every project we undertake

Consultation and Design

Our experienced team provides consultation and design services

Integration and Installation

We seamlessly integrate and install audiovisual systems

Service and Support

We offer ongoing service and support for all our systems.

Meet Our Visionary Leader: The CEO Behind Our Success

Marcos Gutierrez, our CEO, steers the operational excellence of our company through a combination of strategic foresight and precise execution. With an unyielding dedication to excellence and a commitment to always prioritize the best interests of clients and team members, Marcos guides our team towards heightened efficiency, consistently achieving outstanding results across all facets of our operations. His visionary approach, stemming from humble beginnings and progressively building, revolves around fostering a culture of collaboration and collective growth.

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Over 30 Years of
Innovation and Success
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QA Systems founded by Marcos Gutierrez Sr., selling PCs and peripherals to public sector clients. Sold hundreds of thousands of computers statewide.


Marcos Gutierrez Jr. takes over during the dot com crash, prompting a pivot to technology services like PC and printer repair, and network design.


QA Systems accepts a request for AV system installation at Austin ISD, leading to district-wide projects.


QA Systems becomes an audio visual integrator, focusing on sales, design, and installation. Intensive certification and education for employees.


QA introduces Austin's first mobile display classroom system, standardizing EduDisplays in central Texas school districts.


QA installs over 15,000 EduDisplays in central Texas school districts. Expanding staff and projects to include complex designs for various spaces.


QA Systems enters the corporate market with high-end audio visual systems.


QA Systems goes nationwide, completing projects for select corporate customers outside of Texas.

Trusted by industry leaders for exceptional audiovisual solutions

From IT Solution Provider to AV Design Company

QA Systems has evolved over the years, transitioning from an IT solution provider to a full audiovisual design and integration company. With its strong background in information technology, networking, and audiovisual technologies, QA Systems is able to design solutions that seamlessly merge all fields of technology.

Expertise in Audiovisual Technologies

Consultation, Design, Integration, and Support

Service and Support

Redefining Value: Elevating Missions Beyond Expectations

Transforming businesses with top-tier audiovisual systems for over 30 years. Our proven expertise delivers outstanding service, merging IT, networking, and AV technologies seamlessly.